Overall Design Principles

Smart LED Display System (SLDS) is a specially designed visualization equipment for server integrated solutions. It is designed with high availability, minimum maintenance and lifecycle cost optimization as a primary requirements. SLDS is intended for use in harsh outdoor environmental conditions of Nordic countries and 24/7 operation, having no moving parts and all external connectors are at minimum IP67 grade. Marine version of the SLDS is designed specifically for Ports and Maritime applications. Aviation version is designed for airfields, where related safety and advanced monitoring systems are included.

SLDS is a Smart system which can be scaled up or down and both by physically adding or removing the components or modifying the control software settings

• We control every pixel
• No moving parts
• Verified high-end components
• Fully CE and RoHS compliant

Physical Design

The physical size is theoretically unlimited. This is accomplished by cascading possibility and software architecture. Contact us for details or specific requirements.
Power supplies used in the LED Display Modules are specially designed for harsh environments, assuring high stability and availability, while incorporating overvoltage, undervoltage and current protection.

Central Software

Our in-house designed central system software AmpronLed is modular in its nature and designed with scalability and integrations in mind. Key strength of AmpronLed software is live information processing capability and server integrated solutions with fully autonomous operation modes.
- Linux and Windows OS support for Central Server Software
- Integration with third party systems (eg ANPRs, automation controllers) via HTTP, FTP, MODBUS, XML, RS485 and many other protocols
- Alerts, Warnings and Status messages and events generation
- Role-based user management with grants and restrictions to functions
- Autonomous functioning and information processing
- Secure Socket Layer (SSL) communication
- Monitoring and logging
Smart LED Display System can be deployed in multiple configurations, starting from single standalone unit up to central server managed solution with failover and failsafe display units located around the world. Software User Interface can be scaled from basic push-button functions up to complex interactions and features.

Display Software

AmpronLed Smart LED Display System incorporates local (on-site) displays management and monitoring features. This approach assures that displayed information is always up to date. Local control, monitoring and reporting software is running in every Ampron LED display unit. Inside and outside temperatures, humidity, power consumption, ambient lighting, 6-axis acceleration, motion and many more parameters can be precisely monitored.

Displays can be time scheduled for power-up and down and/or have external sensors to trigger actions (IR-, inductive loop-detectors, number readers etc). Failsafe feature is able to shut-down display or show pre-defined information if the communication with central server is lost or some fault situation has been triggered.

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